Electric Railway

Oregon City Enterprise
February 22, 1893
The electric cars began running this morning two hours apart, leaving Portland 25 minutes after the even hours and Oregon City the same time after the odd hours. The last car leaves here at 9:25 P.M.

Oregon City Enterprise
Feb 21, 1894
This morning, without previous notice having been given, the East Side Railway Company put in force a new time card, which gives a much better service, the cars running at intervals of only 40 minutes from 7 o’clock in the morning till after 6 in the evening, and after that they run 80 minutes apart till 11:40, at which time the last car leaves both ends of the road.

I remember as a very young child being able to walk a few blocks with my mother and get on the streetcar at Concord Road then riding it to Oregon City to visit my father at work. We would shop at the stores on Main Street and visit the drug store fountain before riding back home. I respect those who oppose the MAX line to Milwaukie, but I miss the days of the streetcar and believe that our great-great grandchildren will hear their elders reminiscing about the days when everyone had their own car, or two, and “only” paid $3.50 a gallon for gasoline.

The Portland-Oregon City electric railway began service in 1893 and continued in service until 1958. The original track line through Oak Grove to Gladstone has recently been restored as a walking & biking trail.


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