Washington’s Birthday

Oregon Spectator
Feb 18, 1847

Washington’s birthday – The anniversary of Washington’s birth day occurs on Monday next ; it would be a happy occasion for the exhibition of a little
patriotic feeling in Oregon. Let us commemorate it in a manner that will testify the high respect and profound reverence we entertain for the memory of the Father of this country.
Illustrious spirit of the reverenced dead,
Freedom’s blest refuge when sweet hope seemed fled.
When Mercy ravished, her meek power defied,
And foul Oppression ruled in bloody pride ;
When impious men broke Justice’s high laws:
And Virtue mourned her violated cause ;
When fair Columbia tottered to her fall,
War’s sulphurous canopy her threatened pall ;
When Ruin wildly held supreme her sway,
And fierce Destruction clamored for his prey ;
God smiled in goodness on the wounded earth,
And raised thee, armed invincible in worth!
Man’s noble champion Glory’s chosen son!
Our country’s matchless chieftain Godlike Washington


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