Temperance Meeting at Oregon City


In pursuance of a call signed by many of the most prominent citizens of Oregon City, for a temperance meeting, to be held at the Court House on the evening of the 22d of February, a very large audience of ladies and gentlemen assembled, filling the house to its utmost capacity.

Major Magone was chosen President, Messrs. J. M. Bacon and Wm. E. Howell, Vice Presidents, and Mr. James A. Smith, Secretary.

The chairman stated the object of the meeting, and in an eloquent and forcible manner, spoke of the debt we all owed to him whose 138th birthday we had met to celebrate, and the still greater debt that we all owed to ourselves, our common country and to posterity, and a debt that will never be paid until we rid this otherwise fair land from the crying evils of intemperance. He further said that no sectarian or political dogmas were known in the organization, and that people of every shade of political or religious views, who loved their race and despised the rum traffic, could worship at its shrines.

He was followed by the Rev. E. Geary, Rev. C. W. Todd, Messrs. W. C. Johnson, D. C. Ireland, J. M. Bacon, W. E. Howell and Jas. A. Smith, every one of whom entered into the spirit of the meeting in a whole-souled manner seldom witnessed upon such occasions.

From the beginning to close of the exercises, we were favored with choice music, both vocal and insturmental. Altogether it was the grandest demonstration in this great cause ever witnessed in this city. At the conclusion the pledge of total abstinence from all that can intoxicate was presented and 106 signatures attached.

The meeting then adjourned, subject to a call of the officers.

OREGON CITY, Feb. 23, 1870


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