Ski Club Reaches Government Camp


‘Green’ Members of Newly Formed Organization Learn Ropes on Rough Jaunt.

OREGON CITY, Or., Feb. 25. 1923 (Special.)

The Oregon City Ski club, a new organization formed in Oregon City, and composed of M. D. Latourette, Wallace B. Caufield, Raymond Caufield, L. A. Henderson, Arthur G. Beattie, John Busch and Dr. L. A. Morrls, returned to Oregon City Thursday night after a trip to Government Camp. Several of the men were experienced with skis, while others were somewhat “green” when donning them at Faubian’s mountain home, but all are now as enthusiastic over the sport as those familiar with the skis.

Henderson made a record for himself at skiing, for when going down a steep incline at a high rate of speed he slid, about 300 yards. After reaching the level his skis took him into the air about 15 feet. While his companions at the brink of the precipice stood aghast, fearing every moment that Henderson would be dashed to his death, he landed head first in a snow drift, but none the worse for his thrilling experience.

Many Tumbles Taken.

It was a “standoff” between Busch and Beattie as to which should win honors for taking the most “head­ers”. It is claimed that one took no less than 16 tumbles while on the trip.

The three “greens” were as game as those more experienced at mountain climbing at this time of the year. They displayed unusual grit during the entire trip.

Leaving Oregon City at an early hour, members of the party went as far as Sandy by automobile, mak­ing good time to that place. Here they found snow two feet deep in places. As it was impossible to proceed further by automobile, they decided to make Firwood, a distance of about ten miles, by sled. Through three feet of snow the horses, attached to the big sled, ploughed through until Faubian’s mountain home was reached. The party re­mained there for the night.

Trip Is Resumed.

The following morning the trip was resumed, the party starting at 9 o’clock, and going the remainder of the distance by skis. Government Camp, a distance, of 12 miles beyond, was reached at 4 o’clock. Here the men were given a cordial welcome by Van Zandt, manager of Govcrnment Camp hotel. The snow at that place was up to the eaves of the building, for in many places it was as much as ten feet deep. Some of the little summer homes were almost covered by the heavy white blanket.

The members of the party were ready to take a much-needed rest after their steady climb. Partaking of a wholesome supper, they pre­pared to make that hotel their head­quarters while on the skiing trip.

The following morning saw the sun shining brightly and the day ideal for skiing. No time was lost, for the men were out early and making good use of the skis. They raced over snow fields, down hills and visited many places beyond Government camp, among them being the summit.

Caufields Are Guides.

As both Raymond and Wallace Caufield are familiar with every section of that locality, they made excellent guides for the side trips. They have made many trips to the summit of Mount Hood during the summer season without guides.

The party making this trip claims that if is far better than the trip on the north side through the Hood river country, as several of the party are familiar with that country, as well as that through which the trip was made this week. The scenery on the south aide at this time is gorgeous, claim the young men, and in order to induce others to make a similar trip at some future time, a large number of pictures were obtained.

Mort Latourette, Lou Henderson, Louie Morris, Wallace Caufield, John Busch, Raymond Caufield, Arthur Beattie (L-R)

Traveling over the mountain roads at this time of the year is not an easy task, for the snow is packed hard and is a glare of ice. Darkened glasses assisted the men while skiing over this.

This is the first party that has reached Government Camp this season.

Photo by Ralph Eddy.

Photo from “A Man and His Camera, the Photographs of Ralph Eddy” on display through the end of 2012 at the Museum of the Oregon Territory, 211 Tumwater Dr, Oregon City, OR 97045.

Open Wednesdays and the first and third Saturdays of each month, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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