Oregon City Items

Morning Oregonian, March 1, 1869

We clip the subjoined items from the Oregon City Enterprise of Saturday:

There will be an election of Chief Engineer and Assistant, at the Council Chamber on Monday next …. Blasters are employed upon the line of the O.C.R.R., within hearing distance below this city…..Rev. Mr. Sellwood’s music class contemplates giving a concert soon, we are pleased to state…..The Success, on her last trip down, brought thirty tons of bacon from the extensive packing house of A. Cowan & Co., Albany. This is the largest shipment of bacon we have heard of this winter; and yet, it is but a forerunner of what we may expect from the same house hereafter. This house, we learn, has a large amount still on hand which will be shipped in a few weeks… Mr. John M. Bacon, City Recorder, has just completed a census, from which we learn that the total population of the city is 963, as follows:

  • Total number of men ………………………….310
  • Total number of women…………………….. 189
  • Total number of boys under 4 years……. 68
  • Total number of girls under 4 years…….. 52
  • Number of girls between 4 and 20……… 175
  • Number of boys between 4 and 20…….. 169

…The steamer Success, Capt. E. W. Baughman, a new boat in the line of the People’s Transportation Company, left the basin on Thursday morning for Corvallis and intermediate points. The Success was built by the Canemah Transportation Company of this county, and started on the 11th day of August last as an independent boat, and has now been transferred to the P. T. Co., which ends competition or oppositions, for the present on the Wallamet river.

The upper basin at Willamette Falls. The West Shore – August 1887


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