Morning Oregonian, March 7, 1876

Under date of March 6, our regular correspondent sends the following:

The Young Men’s Christian Association has its rooms nearly open for occupation.

The revival meetings here still continue at intervals. Union meeting at Pope’s hall last night. It was well attended. Revs. Atkinson, Day and Huff conducting the services.

Our annual election of chief and assistant engineers of the O. C. F. D. comes off today. The candidates for the first position are Geo. A. Harding, present incumbent, and John Myers; for the second J. M. Welch and H. Cochrane. The contest is lively and the chances are pretty even.

The political pot begins to bubble and will soon be boiling in this county. Many little slates are being made up, and many anxious and some sanguine aspirants for official honors (and possibly emoluments) are busily engaged in rubbing out their neighbors’ slates, straightening up past political records, (Independent stock was well up in the market here at the last election, you will remember) and “harmonizing elements.” It doesn’t require a prophetic vision to see that if the leaders of the Republican party in this county desire to meet with certain and well merited defeat, they need but to pursue strictly the aforementioned policy of preparing slates and “harmonizing elements” before the convention meets, to the exclusion of considerations of individual worth or capacity, as has been the custom heretofore to a lamentable extent.


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