Supension Bridge Will Be Repaired

March 10, 1911,  Oregon City Enterprise

Clarence Simmons, a local builder will do the work costing $3,000.

Several weeks ago the criticisms of the condition of the suspension bridge across the Willamette River at this point becoming insistent, and that there might be no cause for complaint against his court, County Judge Beatie had a bridge expert make an examination of and report on the condition of that structure. Careful examination showed the bridge to be in fair condition, and not in a dangerous condition, as the criticising public had averred.

The recommendation of the expert led to a decision to have certain repairs made so that the structure may continue doubly safe. These repairs will entail an expense of about $3,000. Clarence Simmons, a local builder, has been engaged to make the repairs and will

commence at once. Among the repairs to be made are new pillars and reinforcement, as also the laying of a new floor. When these repairs have been made the expert assures the Court that there can be no danger in the use of the bridge up to a strain three times the usual load.

Downtown Oregon City from the Bluff

View of the suspension bridge, August 1913, from the bluff.


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