Elegant Tribute

Oregon City Enterprise, March 10, 1891
Last Saturday afternoon, while Grandma Stevens was home quietly in her parlor, she heard a knock at the door and, on answering the summons, was confronted by twenty-five ladies armed with lunch baskets. A look of blank astonishment overspread the aged woman’s face until she recognized that her unexpected guests were Mrs. M. M. Charman, Mrs. Diller, Mrs. C. Caufield, Mrs. W. T. Matlock, Mrs. R. Caufield, Mrs. McKee, Mrs. Greenman, Mrs. Stover, Mrs. Wilkinson, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Albright, Mrs. Broughton, Mrs. Dye, Mrs. Livermore, Mrs. Bestow, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Patrow, Mrs. Jennie White, Mrs. Brownell, Mrs. Purdom, Mrs. H. C. Stevens and others constituting the Ladies’ Aid Society of the Congregational Church. The ladies in turn reminded grandmother that this was the inauguration and also her seventy-first birthday. They proceeded to take possession of her house. Mrs. M. M. Charman gave a very appropriate address of congratuluation to Mrs. Stevens on the many years in which she and faithfully sewed as president of the society. In closing she said, “You shall be known in the future as the mother and grandmother of this society.” In the course of the afternoon many interesting facts were brought to light. In the early days for many years Mrs. Stevens energy kept the society alive and flourishing. It is estimated that enough quilts had been made to carpet the old immigrant road from here to the Rocky Mountains and the proceeds of various entertainments have placed hundreds of dollars in the church treasury. Among other pioneers Grandmother Whitlock should be mentioned who for thirty-five years taught in the Sunday School and has only recently retired through advancing age. Mrs. M. M. Charman has taught for twenty-five years and is good for twenty-five more. The women of our churches make very little noise but quietly, surely and steadily they remain the moral forces of our city. A bountiful lunch was shared with tea and toasts in three languages after which the happy guests left wishing many happy returns.


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