1929 Frontier Days

Found some great postcards from the 1929 Frontier Days in Oregon City…..for more of the images check our Flikr page: 1929 Frontier Days


Mabel Strickland to be Queen of Oregon City RoundupQueen Mabel Strickland002

Mabel Strickland, world’s champion cowgirl, will be queen of the roundup in Oregon City that opens July 2. She will also be one of the star performers during the three days’ events.

Hugh Strickland, ex-champion all-round cowboy and winner of the Roosevelt trophy for several years, will be the arena director.

Others to appear will be Buff Brady, winner of the world’s championship for trick riding at the Cheyenne Frontier Days show in 1928; Rex Covey of Oregon City, trick roper; Homer Hokum, arena clown; Bob Askins, famous cowboy, and others.


Earl Bennett Wins Fame by Riding Bucking Brahma.

Oregon City, OR June 30.

Earl Bennett1929 Frontier Days010, Oregon City youth, broke into fame here today when he successfully rode a bucking Brahma steer in the tryouts for the Oregon City Frontier Days rodeo to be staged on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. He is the fourth person  in the United States to ever ride one of the steers.  About 6000 persons attended the exhibitions and some of the best rodeo talent in the United States was seen in action, among them being Mabel Strickland, Rose Smith, Buff Brady, Buff Jones, L. Wilkins, Frank Wood, Homer Hokum, Salty Olson, Earl Pardee, Tome Burleigh, Casey Jones and about a dozen Indians.


Oregon City Host to Huge Crowd on the Fourth

Lucien Williams Sets New Record for Bulldoggers; Bob Askins Conquers Bill McAdoo1929 Frontier Days016

Oregon City, OR, July 4

More than 18,000 people witnessed the afternoon show of the Oregon City Frontier Days rodeo. The grandstand, which seats 11,5000 persons, was packed to capacity and nearly 6000 persons crowded into the bleachers. Hundreds were turned away.

The program featured bronco busting, bulldogging, calf roping and a cowboy express race.

Bill McAdoo, rated as the third best bucking 1929 Frontier Days013horse in the world and who threw four riders during the past two days, was conquered this afternoon by Bob Askins of Montana, world’s champion bronco buster. He will be in the finals of this event for the coast championship. Earl Pardee, who won first in calf roping, gave an exhibition in this event and tied his calf in 19 3/5 seconds. Lucien Williams set a new record in bulldogging, his time being 14.4 seconds, Buff Brady took second and Bob Askins third. Every contest was hard-fought and the crowd was on its feet during most of the afternoon.