Football in the Northwest improved greatly last year. The Eastern coaches who have been employed in this territory have brought with them better football than characterized the game in former years. The University of Oregon won all her college games in the Northwest during 1904 chiefly as a result of superior defensive playing taught by R. S. Smith, formerly of Columbia University. The new coach, being a Michigan man, will develop the offensive game. Combining this with what the men will retain of Smith’s defensive tactics the result should be that Oregon will have a strong team. The team will be captained by Jack Latourette, unequaled in this territory as a quarter-back.
Spalding’s Official Foot Ball Guide 1904

u of o 1905John Randolph “Jack” Latourette was born January 4, 1886 in Oregon City, to Charles D. and Sedonia Shaw Latourette. He was the quarterback of the University of Oregon football team 1903-1906. At the U of O he was a founding member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity. After attending Columbia University Law School he passed the Oregon Bar examination in 1907. He was a member of the Oregon Legislature in 1913 and sponsored the Oregon Workman’s Compensation Act. Jack died September 2, 1967 in Portland.

In addition to articles on football rules and teams from around the United States, the Spalding catalog includes information on their products – here is what the well-dressed player would be wearing in 1904…

The Spalding Special ‘Varsity Union Foot Ball Suit consists of VT Trousers, either sleeved or sleeveless jacket and an elastic belt joining them.

helmet Spalding’s Head Harness – made with soft black leather top and sides, molded leather ear pieces, adjustable chin strap, rear extension. Top padded with felt and well ventilated. Sides stitched and felt padded with canvas lining. $2.75



jerseyFoot Ball Jersey – The Spalding No. 10P line, recently introduced, is manufactured from hard twisted worsted and closely woven, of a good quality, and made to stand the most severe strain. It is an absolutely perfect jersey for atheletes. Solid colors or striped. $2.50-$2.75 each



sleeveless jacketThe Spalding Special ‘Varsity Foot Ball Jackets Sleeveless. $1.25




jacket with sleevesFoot Ball Jackets – with sleeves; made of special brown canvas, sewed with the best and strongest linen, hand made eyelets for lacing. 75¢




trousersThe Spalding Special ‘Varsity Foot Ball Trousers – Padded – the hips and knees are properly padded according to our improved method, with pure curled hair, and the thighs have cane strips. Also in moleskin. $2.50 – $3.00



padded trousersFoot Ball Pants – canvas – Extra quality brown canvas, well padded throughout with can strips at thighs. Also No. XP – made of heavy white drill, well padded. $1.75




shoesSpalding’s Improved Foot Ball shoes – recognized as standard by foot ball players everywhere. Finest kangaroo leather, with circular reinforce on sides. Hand made throughout. $7.50 per pair.



nose guardMorrill’s Nose Mask – made from the finest rubber with no wire or metal used in its construction. It has become necessary on every foot ball team, and affords absolute protection to the nose and teeth. $1.50



shoulder padsSpalding’s Improved Shoulder Pads – made to fit the players shoulder. Heavily padded both inside and out with wool felt in exact accordance with decisions of Rules Committee. $2.50